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Static HTML Websites

The websites on this page were created before mobile-friendly websites and blogs became popular. Several of these websites are currently in the process of being converted to a WordPress responsive website. Until then, they remain in my portfolio as an example of work I have done during the past several year before I switched to building all new sites on WordPress.


marriagecpr.com home page image

Human Connections Counseling Services

Plano, Texas

Website: marriagecpr.com
Psychotherapist Mark Felber specializes in couples/marriage counseling and addictive behaviors.

Site features: The home page includes an embeded YouTube video, a casual photo to create a comfortable introduction to Mark, an overview of practice specialties. The rest of the site includes self-tests so people can determine if they might be experiencing symptoms of common issues and addictions, calendar of upcoming classes and seminars, and seminar documents in downloadable format.

Client comments...

"Your sensitive, artistic, professional, dynamic, and spiritual work on my website has enchanted many 'wounded spirits' ultimately leading them into my office and toward many life-changing therapeutic experiences that have enriched, changed, transformed, or even saved their lives and the souls of their children. Thank You For All That You Do Directly and Indirectly For Others" — Mark Felber


zendulgence.com home image
zendulgence.com inner page image

Zendulgence Hemp Gelato

Washington, D.C.

Website: zendulgence.com
Dedicated to eating healthy food that is produced without harming animals or our planet, Asher Radkowsky created Zendulgence gelato — a frozen dessert made with hemp milk from hemp seeds, which are packed with essential omega-3 fat, protein, vitamins, minerals, and fiber and sweetened with low-glycemic agave syrup.

Site features: The site design is based on the Zendulgence container labels using the logo, colors and featured messages for consistent branding efforts. The home page is designed differently than the interior pages to draw attention to the unique ingredients that make this gelato special. The site's content and tone is personable rather than dry 'corporate-speak.' Enthusiastic consumer raves from across the country help promote interest. To keep the number of items on the navigation menu manageable, a drop down menu expands category choices.


handwritingexpressions.com home page image

Handwriting Analysis by Sylvia Tooker

Dallas, Texas

Website: handwritingexpressions.com
Sylvia Tooker uses her handwriting analysis skills to entertain at events. She also offers personality trait evaluations to people seeking insights into their strengths and weaknesses.

Site features: In lieu of a logo, an image of a pen is prominently displayed as if it had just been laid down on the page ready to be picked up again to continue writing.

My comments...

Yes, Sylvia Tooker is also me, the web designer whose portfolio you are viewing. I thought it only fair that I include my other website in my portfolio. When I am not designing websites, I occasionally get away from the computer to analyze people's handwriting.


maithconsulting.com home page image

Maith Consulting

Silver Spring, Md.

Website: maithconsulting.com
Sheila F. Maith provides coaching and consulting services to non-profits and mission-driven organizations to help them achieve the highest results possible with limited resources.

Site features: Vibrant colors and a simple design reflect the energy and clarity present in her consulting business. Helpful FAQs and resources support both prospective and current clients' needs.


thesavvycareercounselor.com home page image
The Savvy Career Counselor newsletter image

The Savvy Career Counselor™

Washington, D.C.

Website: thesavvycareercounselor.com
Karen James Chopra, LPC, MCC, NCC, provides individual and small-group consultation to career counselors and coaches on all aspects of private practice.

Site features: This design was created to complement Karen's already existing brochure and business card for consistent brand recognition. The site offers signups for multiple mailing lists; books are sold in different formats.

Email newsletter and autoreponders: The Savvy Career Counselor™ Mailing Lists
I customized a MailChimp template to match the website's design. I also format and broadcast the newsletters and autoresponders going out to segmented mailing lists.


michonhawkins.com home image
michonhawkins.com newsletter image

Michon Hawkins, D.C.

Dallas, Texas

Website: michonhawkins.com
Dr. Hawkins is a Dallas chiropractor who has specialized training in Applied Kinesiology, a diagnostic and treatment system that helps discover what the whole body needs for efficient repair.

Site features: Class announcements, newsletter archives, link to Yahoo! Maps for location and directions to her office.

Email newsletter: Customized a MailChimp template to complement the site design.


literaryservicesinc.com home page image

Literary Services Inc.

Barnegat, New Jersey

Website: literaryservicesinc.com
Literary agent John Willig works with authors to maximize the potential of their book ideas and aspiring careers. The site informs authors of his services as a literary agent and allows publishers access to review his clients' new book proposals.

Site features: The right column features award-winning books in an image rotator, new proposal email alert signup for editors, inspirational quotes and special content. NOTE: Site graphics were provided by the client from a template program, which I modified to update and expand the site.

Client comments...

"Kudos to share with you! Thank you for all of your ongoing efforts right from the start...[in 2001]!" — John Willig

The following excerpt is from an email message to John Willig from a visitor to his site: "Hi John, I just left you a voicemail, which prompted me to take a look at your website — it's great! Very easy to navigate."


denisetordella.com home page image

Denise Tordella, M.A., LPC

Alexandria, Virginia

Website: denisetordella.com
When Denise Tordella was named by Washingtonian Magazine (July 2009) as one of the Top 200 therapists in the Washington, DC area, she decided it was time to have an online presence for her private practice.

Site features: The peaceful seashore image sets the tone for her business. Plans for expanding this brochure-type site into a resource center are in the works.

Client comments...

"Sylvia is my 'go-to' person for web site design. She listens and helps me clarify what I need. Sylvia does a phenomenal job of personalizing my web site so that clients get a sense of who I am and how I can specifcally help them. She is incredibly responsive and delightful to collaborate with and my web site reflects what is unique about me. I highly recommend her work." — Denise Tordella


http://www.janiceherold.com home page image

Janice Herold, LCPC NCC

Bethesda, Maryland

Website: janiceherold.com
Janice Herold provides counseling and therapy to individuals, couples and families to help them accomplish their career and personal goals.

Site features: Home page graphic calls attention to services offered. Contact page has photo of office and an embedded Google map to make finding the office easier.

Client comments...

"Sylvia makes designing a website interesting, educational, and rewarding. I could never have created my website without her expertise, patience, suggestions, and wisdom. She is honest, dependable, reliable, and a pleasure to work with on the phone and via email." — Janice Herold


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